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The US experience was created to equip international students with the skills and knowledge that will enable them to prepare for college in the United States through a hands-on experience.

What is the U.S. Experience?

  • Program for international students ages 16-23

  • Allows you to visit the United States to experience college life

  • Gives you the opportunity to improve your English skills

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  • Allows students to visit the United States without the need to be committed to and/or accepted by the university

  • Allows students to get real experience in the United States

  • Immerse students in a different culture

  • Improve English communication skills

  • Develop a global perspective

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  1. Students will visit the United States and will be hosted by a local family (Host family) for one, two or three months.

  2. Students will have a predefined schedule of activities, which will immerse them in university life, allowing them to access unique experiences.

  3. Students will attend English conversation sessions to develop advanced communication skills, which will be complemented with the environment and activities during the course of the program.

  4. Students will also attend events, which will be coordinated and adapted according to their specific needs and objectives i.e. sports, arts, area of ​​interest for studies, travel and much more.

  5. Students will participate in college preparation classes (ATC classes) which will teach them the operation of the American university system, application process, admissions, obtaining scholarships, documentation, VISA and everything they need to know to begin their university studies in The United States.

  6. Students will travel to iconic places in the northern United States (Chicago, Indianapolis, Fort Wayne, South Bend and more)

For more information about our program, registration and future start dates, schedule a meeting!