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Individual services to help you with specific things in your process of obtaining scholarships in the United States.

Within ATC professional services you will be able to choose between one or several services such as, obtain a list of universities, help with contacts with admissions coaches / counselors, create a financial plan, improve your English, prepare for entrance exams, prepare for your cultural transition, planning for your particular case and much more!

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ATC Roadmap incluye:

ATC Professional services helps you with:


-Evaluate your sports level

-Learn about your Academic and Sports eligibility

-Understand the university system in the United States

-Create a specific plan for your case (organizer of events and activities that must be completed throughout your process)

-List of universities that meet all your requirements

-Contact with coaches and / or universities

-Intensive English course

-Preparation for exams: SAT, TOEFL, ACT

-Create a financial plan according to your situation and chosen universities.

-Paper paper and everything about the F-1 student visa and I-20

-Cultural transition

-Guidance for students graduating from college, next steps, options.


(Each service includes sessions in which you and your family can answer your questions with one of our ATC Mentors)

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